Swimming Pool Heating Solar Covers

Is there a swimming pool at your home? Do you want to enjoy swimming for a long and also save money? Well! The best solution to this problem is using SOLAR COVERS. Through solar covers, you can save hundreds of gallons of water every year. Let’s talk about several advantages and features of solar covers. Stay tuned, don’t miss it!

Solar covers:

Solar covers are plastic covers that are customized according to your pool size. They are light in weight. One side includes air-filled bubbles so that the solar cover floats on the surface of the swimming pool. For many pool owners, solar covers are an essential pool accessory. If your swimming pool is not covered, then outside elements, like, rain, debris, dirt, and dust, can easily enter the pool. Pool water should also withstand the variations in the external temperature.

Working of solar covers:

Once the solar panel is positioned on the top of the pool, it starts to trap the solar heat. When the temperatures decrease at night, the cover will maintain the heat that water receives throughout the day. Basically, the solar cover prevents heat from getting away from your pool. Another advantage of solar covers they keep the dirt, dust, and debris away from pool water.

Best timing and Method of usage:

Place the solar cover in such a way that the bubbles are downwardly faced. It will keep the cover floating on the pool surface. If you want to let the cover sits on the pool for some hours or some days, allow the packing layers to straighten. After that, you can cut the solar cover with ordinary scissors to customize according to the shape of your pool.


When the pool not in use, then it will be the perfect time to use solar covers. Covering during the day will help absorb heat from the sun. As the temperature cools down at nighttime, the solar cover will assist in trapping the accumulated heat.

Advantages of solar covers:

Your swimming season can be extended by the use of solar covers. You can swim all day long while saving a lot of money. This is a cheap way to use your swimming pool at the start of the season. By solar covers, you can maintain pool water temperature, and when the climate gets cool, you can extend the swimming season. If someone is using an electric or gas heater, then solar covers are an ideal option.

Reasons why one must have a solar cover?

  • It warms up pool water to 10-15 Fahrenheit.
  • It decreases up to 90% of evaporation.
  • It decreases chemical combustion by 30-60%.
  • It reduces the entry of dirt, dust, and debris into the pool.
  • It let you open the pool early in the spring season and increase the swimming season after the fall.