Selection of the Best Brand of Pool Heater

Are you a swimming pool owner and want to heat the pool? Are you confused about which pool heater will be suitable for your pool? Well! Forget all your worries and read this article. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the three types of pool heaters. We will discuss the power usage, installation process, and running costs of all types of pool heaters. Climate is also addressed in this article.

The three pool heaters that are the subject of discussion in this article are:

  • Gas pool heaters
  • Electric pool heaters
  • Solar pool heaters


Gas pool heaters:

The gas pool heaterĀ  working mechanism is the same as having the hot water heater used in the home. Propane or natural gas is burnt in the combustion chamber, and heat is transmitted when water starts circulating the heater. A gas line connection is required; this connection is got through an underground gas pipe. This shows that, unlike other pool heaters, the burning cost of the gas pool heaters can be low, but it has high installation costs. And installation can be even more expensive depending on where the nearest gas source is located.


Besides the additional installation costs, the ongoing operating cost of the gas pool heater is much higher. The fluctuating prices of gas determine the exact recurring running cost.


As compared to other kinds of pool heaters, gas pool heaters are powerful. If you want to heat large pools containing a large amount of water or if you are in a rush to heat the pool, then gas pool heaters are the best choices. These heaters are perfect if the pool is located in a cold climate or if you want heat pool heating from time to time. Here is another negative point; the gas pool heaters are not environment friendly.

Solar Pool Heaters:

Are you looking for the most nature-friendly pool heater? Well! For this purpose, solar pool heaters will be the best choice. Solar pool heaters are economical as they use natural energy sources. The solar pool heater uses a solar collector for transmitting the sun’s thermal energy into the pool water. Locate the solar collectors closer to the pool pump, so as the pool pump is pumped in the pool, it results in the heat transference to the water. The solar pool heaters have only some initial costs, there is no monthly running cost, and they have no maintenance costs. Just place the panel in the proper position and let the sun does its work.


The installation of solar pool heaters is relatively easy. It is not required to connect them to any energy outlet, so no need to hire any installer. Compared to gas pool heaters, solar heaters work slowly, but once the required temperature is reached, it is easier to maintain it. Just make sure that both solar collectors and the pool are located right under the sun, not in a shaded area; both should get enough sunlight. This kind of pool heater is ideal for hot climates with an abundance of sun. If you wish to swim at night with hot pool water, you need to buy a diverter; it’s an additional cost factor.

Electric Pool Heaters:

As expected, the most popular and the most efficient models of pool heaters are electric pool heaters. In addition to its performance all around the year, a quick way to warm your pool water is an electric pool heater. Electric swimming pool heaters will have monthly costs; the cost varies as the electricity bill varies. If you choose an energy-efficient solar electric pool heater, it will cost less every month, but if you go for cheap electric heaters, they have high operating costs.


Electric heat pumps are more environmentally friendly than gas pool heaters because they use surrounding temperature for heating pool water. No gas line connection is required, so they have easy installation as compared to gas pool heaters. Your pool temperature is raised quickly by gas pool heaters than electric swimming pool heaters, but electric heaters have less running cost. If you want to use pool heaters every day, then go for electric as they are cost-effective.


As explained earlier, some pool heater models depend on sunlight or environmental temperature for pool heating, so the main factor in deciding the right pool heater is CLIMATE. Climate also has an impact on the energy needs when estimating your power needs to heat your pool.

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